Supply Chain

Too few products on-hand, too much inventory in the warehouse.
The Goldilocks situation of inventory management.

Improve inventory planning. Accurately track and analyze inventory at the store, chain, or warehouse level.
Better manage inventory and retail replenishment to reduce costs, increase sales, and boost profits.

Inventory Distortion Can Hurt Your Business In Two Ways

If your product is out-of-stock, you lose the sale; if there’s overstock, you could lose revenue from markdowns. You might even lose shelf space due to retailer dissatisfaction.

Having granular supply and demand data analytics and deeper insights to achieve the right inventory balance to operate efficiently and profitably is paramount.

Stop using monthly or weekly retailer shipment data to develop forecasts and plans. Optimize inventory using an end-to-end view of your supply and demand chain, and get your products on the right shelf at the right time. Don’t give shoppers a reason to switch brands.

Various illustrated people representing retailer supply chain operations, data analytics, and consumer goods-retailer sales and collaboration.

Supplying You With Reliable Data To Drive Growth

VELOCITY® automatically collects, integrates, and harmonizes daily point-of-sale and inventory data with order, shipment, and forecast data to provide consumer goods manufacturers with one version of the truth for supply and demand activity.

Equipped with a holistic view of your supply chain from production to consumer purchase, along with timely retailer POS analytics, supply chain and sales teams can uncover actionable insights to make collaborative, data-driven, strategic decisions that propel supply chain efficiencies and optimization—and retailer and shopper satisfaction.

  • Automatically ingest, cleanse, and harmonize daily item- and store-level supply and demand data with internal enterprise data and third-party data.
  • Transform timely POS and inventory analytics into valuable business intelligence to predict demand and drive sell-through and profitable growth.
  • Develop proactive supply chain strategies—act and not react—with improved supply chain visibility.
  • Make confident, profitable decisions with reliable near real-time data, reporting, and analytics—in minutes—not hours or days.
Informing Better Supply Chain Decisions | Retail Velocity

Optimize Supply.
Satisfy Demand.

  • Track Product Inventory and Movement at All Levels: Store, Chain, Warehouse, and DC
  • Identify Root Causes of Inventory Distortion
  • Reduce Out-of-stocks, Overstocks, Markdowns, and Distribution Safety Stock
  • Reduce Freight and Carrying Costs
  • Improve Retailer Customer Service and Satisfaction

Don't Let Your Insights
Be in Short Supply

Learn how our clients have used VELOCITY to enable greater insights and optimize their supply chain operations.


"VELOCITY® allows us to spot exceptions 10 times faster than our old system. It lets us take a 'snapshot' of every retail facility we serve across the country—at the store level—so we can instantly identify a low on-hand number or a high 'phantom' number. Because VELOCITY's exception-based reporting highlights these products for us, we can dig right into the data quickly and attack those numbers directly to determine specifically which SKUs and stores are problematic and then go in and provide a solution. And even though we have not added any new field sales staff, our service levels are much higher.”
-Account Manager, Large Consumer Goods Manufacturer
“The use of VELOCITY®, combined with some improved standard work processes, has enabled us to run this continuing data, reporting, and analytics challenge almost like a production facility. It's given us standard processes and practices, standard exception reports, and has allowed us to take corrective actions on a regular basis. To be a preferred supplier to our leading retail partners, we must continually improve their cash flow, sales, and profits. Retail Velocity has helped us achieve those goals."
-Product Supply Director, Global Consumer Goods Manufacturer
“It’s all about greater visibility. The VELOCITY® platform lets us share information internally and with retailers more quickly, which lets people make better decisions and react more quickly to sales opportunities or critical issues. For example, we’re able to easily identify a retailer’s top 200 stores and if there’s a sale next month, I can tell them that we should send these stores extra product because they ran out the last time. I can even identify a list of stores that don’t have any of our products on their shelves, and that’s really free money we don’t want to lose.”
-Senior National Account Manager, Global Home Essentials Company
"We are effectively correcting and adjusting retailers' inventories every day and that has a huge impact on reorders and increased sales. With thousands of stores and responsibility for more than 1,500 SKUs, there is just no way we could provide this level of service without the timely, store-level data and analysis tools that VELOCITY® provides."
—Account Manager, Large Consumer Goods Manufacturer