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We Help Turn Your Data Into Decisions and Turn Your Decisions Into Dollars

Manufacturers want—and need—to better manage and understand big data and large volumes of POS and inventory data to uncover actionable insights to increase consumer demand and long-term, profitable growth.

And they want to do this quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

With over 25 years of experience and expertise in aggregating, cleansing, and harmonizing granular retail POS data with enterprise data, Retail Velocity provides the most reliable data and retail POS analytics solutions so you can make informed decisions today that drive sales tomorrow—across all your retailers.

As consumer demand shifts, VELOCITY® enables your business teams to quickly identify key insights in sales, inventory, forecast, order, and shipment data to adapt smarter and optimize key business areas.

Retail sales and analytics dashboard showing graphs business growth for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers.

On-Shelf Availability (OSA)

Identify OSA trends. Prevent lost sales. Keep your customers—and keep them coming back.

Promotion Execution & Analysis

Ensure maximum product and brand visibility. Measure store-level lift. Maximize trade promotion effectiveness and ROI.

Retail Replenishment

Identify and predict out-of-stocks. Reduce markdowns and lost revenue. Increase turns and sell-through.

New Product Launch

Ensure on-shelf availability. Resolve potential distribution issues. Optimize new product investments.

Sales & Marketing Analytics

Perform detailed sales comparisons. Analyze inventory movement effectively. Gain greater insight into media spend activity.

We Help You Decide Today Where You'll Go Tomorrow

VELOCITY arms your teams with near real-time supply and demand data and advanced retail analytics to keep your finger on the pulse of consumer demand and retailer activity. Leverage valuable insights to address key business issues and focus on today’s growth opportunities so your business will be where you want it to be tomorrow.

Everyone Gets UP to Speed With Velocity

Eliminating data and department silos unifies business units and increases collaborative decision-making for accelerated growth.
Learn who VELOCITY benefits within your industry.

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