Reliable Retail Data
At The Speed of Now

Retail Velocity arms consumer brands with accurate daily retail data and actionable insights to improve sell-through, optimize supply chain, and drive profitable growth.

Leverage 600+ Retailer and Distributor Data Adaptors

Automatically collect daily POS and inventory data from any vendor portal or retail data source, no matter the data collection method, format, or granularity.

Nothing Accelerates Business Growth Like Velocity®

The VELOCITY modern retail data platform provides companies with a single source of clean, integrated retail data to facilitate faster, more-informed decision-making that drives revenue growth and operational efficiencies.

Eliminate Data Silos And Optimize the Utility of All Your Data

VELOCITY® cleanses, normalizes, and harmonizes disparate retail data at the SKU and store level to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date view of your business across all retailers.

Velocity® Unlocks the Full Value of Your Retail Data

Our industry-leading retail data platform enables teams across your enterprise to activate in-depth analytics and generate valuable insights to power smarter sales, marketing, and supply chain decisions.

Clean Data.
Clear Decisions.

In the ever-changing retail landscape, having the most timely and reliable data, analytics, and insights to make the most strategic decisions matters more than ever. However, many CPGs are inundated with POS, e-commerce, and inventory data that’s often hard to collect, dirty, and difficult to interpret—which can negatively impact revenue, retailer relationships, and consumer satisfaction.

With Retail Velocity, you can quickly and easily collect, access, and leverage precise near real-time data from all your retail data sources—at an item and store level—wherever, whenever, and however you need.



The powerful and proven cloud-based VELOCITY® platform connects and enriches disparate data from hundreds of retailers, e-commerce, distributors, internal/ERP systems, and syndicated and third-party data providers to give suppliers and retailers a single, comprehensive view of all retail sales and inventory activity.