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We Help Leading Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Retail Velocity puts powerfully accurate demand and supply data into the hands of some of the world’s leading consumer brands.

VELOCITY®, our best-in-class point-of-sale (POS) and inventory analytics solution, enables users across your enterprise to easily access and leverage the most granular data to make better decisions that can take your sales, revenue, and profitability to the next level.

With greater retail sales analytics and deeper insights, you can improve retailer partner collaboration at all levels and more effectively plan and execute to help them grow profitably while increasing your brand loyalty. We help you, your customers, AND your consumers.


Stop wrestling with disparate data. Be in the know so you can grow. Build stronger retailer partnerships and own the physical and digital shelf.


Identify consumer trends and patterns. Execute campaigns and promotions with excellence. Maximize brand presence and exceed consumers’ expectations.

Supply Chain

Improve forecasts. Optimize inventory. Reduce out-of-stocks and get the right product on the right shelf at the right time.

Data & Business Analysts

Accurately track SKU performance daily—at the store or chain level. Seamlessly integrate third-party data. Leverage one version of the truth for unparalleled data analytics.


Integrate business processes for greater efficiencies. Leverage scalability of SKU processing. Eliminate the headaches of interpreting and managing POS data from retailers.

VELOCITY Helps You Turn Data Into Demand

Data can be a double-edged sword. Too much is a deluge, too little leaves you in the dark.

With VELOCITY, clean and harmonized supply and demand, internal, enterprise, and third-party data becomes understandable, manageable, and reliable. Your entire organization can make data-fueled decisions that benefit your entire business—and best of all, your consumers.

Business Benefits Abound

Reliable daily data can make your day—and your decision-making—a whole lot better.
Learn the numerous ways our retail POS analytics tools benefit your entire business.

Retail Data Analytics for Consumer Goods | Retail Velocity
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