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Retail Data Analytics for Consumer Goods | Retail Velocity

We Help CPG Teams Unlock the Full Value of Their Retail Data

Retail Velocity puts the most accurate daily SKU- and store-level data into the hands of leading consumer brands.

The VELOCITY® cloud-based data platform enables teams across your enterprise to easily collect, access, and leverage clean, up-to-date, and actionable retail data and insights to power faster and more-informed sales, marketing, and supply chain decisions.

With complete visibility into timely sell-through activity and inventory positions, you can better identify sales opportunities, reduce inventory management issues, and strengthen retailer collaboration.

Sales & account teams

Spend less time wrangling and wrestling disparate retail data and more time leveraging harmonized daily data from all your retail data sources—all in one place.

  • Eliminate downloading retailer and distributor data and reports—and stop relying on various spreadsheets to manage your business.

  • Proactively identify and respond to sales opportunities and inventory risks with actionable insights based on item- and store-level retail data.

  • Use data-driven success stories to increase trust, improve joint business planning, and build stronger relationships with retail buyers and retail operations teams.

Marketing & Brand Managers

Better understand the how and why behind brand, product, and promotion performance and maximize ROI with precise, daily retail data at the SKU and store level.

  • Sense and adjust quickly and intelligently to shifts in consumer demand or market conditions with complete visibility into the timeliest demand data.

  • Leverage shelf-level data to optimize new product launches and seasonal campaigns and reallocate marketing dollars to drive increased sales and profitability.

  • Accurately measure promotional lift and track campaign effectiveness across all retailers, channels, and markets with daily store-level sell-through data.

Supply Chain

Reduce inventory distortion and ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time with near real-time insights into inventory levels.

  • Identify and prevent root causes of out-of-stocks and improve retail replenishment and fill rates to ensure optimal on-shelf availability.

  • Accurately track product inventory and movement at all levels—store, chain, warehouse, and DC—with granular daily data from all retailer and distributor portals and data feeds.

  • Gain a holistic view of your supply chain from production to consumer purchase to facilitate collaborative, data-driven strategic decisions that propel supply chain efficiencies, optimization, and consumer satisfaction.


Utilize a robust, scalable data collection and advanced analytics platform to meet the reporting and analysis needs across your enterprise.

  • Streamline POS and inventory data ingestion, integration, and harmonization of all retail data with master, enterprise, and third-party data.

  • Leverage a proven data warehousing solution that provides one version of trustworthy data for advanced retail analytics and actionable insights.

  • Satisfy the collective data needs of your entire organization and enable confident, data-driven decisions that increase sales and maximize ROI.

Data & Business Analysts

Automatically collect, cleanse, and harmonize any retailer and distributor data with ERP, syndicated, and third-party data to generate valuable insights for impactful decisions.

  • Identify sales trends and opportunities, inventory risks, and market condition shifts to better advise sales, marketing, and supply chain operations.

  • Eliminate data silos and time spent downloading and aggregating supply and demand data so you can focus on uncovering valuable insights.

  • Integrate unlimited third-party data streams, including syndicated, demographics, weather, social media, and more, with retail POS and inventory data.


Leverage aggregated daily POS and inventory data from all your retailers and distributors to gain a comprehensive view of your business from production to purchase.

  • Easily access clean, accurate, near real-time data from all your retail data sources to see the big picture or drill down into item- and store-level detail.

  • Align and enable your sales, marketing, supply chain, and IT teams with unified, reliable data to quickly identify and respond to issues and growth opportunities.

  • Activate data-driven decision-making to run your business more efficiently, boost performance, and maximize ROI.

VELOCITY Helps You Turn Data Into Demand

Data can be a double-edged sword. Too much is a deluge, too little leaves you in the dark.

With VELOCITY, clean and harmonized supply and demand, internal, enterprise, and third-party data becomes understandable, manageable, and reliable. Your entire organization can make data-fueled decisions that benefit your entire business—and best of all, your consumers.

Business Benefits Abound

Reliable daily data can make your day—and your decision-making—a whole lot better.
Learn the numerous ways our retail POS analytics tools benefit your entire business.


“Retail Velocity and its VELOCITY® platform have been a real strategic asset for us. In addition to bringing on additional revenues, we also credit VELOCITY with our ability to give our customers tangible proof of our impact on their bottom line and prove our value to them over time. Our customers want to know how we can do all the things we do—how we provide the timely and accurate reporting no one else can. That's a huge competitive advantage, and we credit VELOCITY®."
-Vice President of Sales, National Sporting Goods Supplier
"VELOCITY® allows us to spot exceptions 10 times faster than our old system. It lets us take a 'snapshot' of every retail facility we serve across the country—at the store level—so we can instantly identify a low on-hand number or a high 'phantom' number. Because VELOCITY's exception-based reporting highlights these products for us, we can dig right into the data quickly and attack those numbers directly to determine specifically which SKUs and stores are problematic and then go in and provide a solution. And even though we have not added any new field sales staff, our service levels are much higher.”
-Account Manager, Large Consumer Goods Manufacturer
“The use of VELOCITY®, combined with some improved standard work processes, has enabled us to run this continuing data, reporting, and analytics challenge almost like a production facility. It's given us standard processes and practices, standard exception reports, and has allowed us to take corrective actions on a regular basis. To be a preferred supplier to our leading retail partners, we must continually improve their cash flow, sales, and profits. Retail Velocity has helped us achieve those goals."
-Product Supply Director, Global Consumer Goods Manufacturer
“It’s all about greater visibility. The VELOCITY® platform lets us share information internally and with retailers more quickly, which lets people make better decisions and react more quickly to sales opportunities or critical issues. For example, we’re able to easily identify a retailer’s top 200 stores and if there’s a sale next month, I can tell them that we should send these stores extra product because they ran out the last time. I can even identify a list of stores that don’t have any of our products on their shelves, and that’s really free money we don’t want to lose.”
-Senior National Account Manager, Global Home Essentials Company
“With VELOCITY®, we’ve created a much more efficient process that drastically reduces the time we spend getting and analyzing retail data. Because the process used to consume so much personnel time, sales and marketing teams sometimes went without having all the data they’d have liked to have. That doesn’t happen anymore.”
— Sr. Manager, Consumer Shopper Insights, Global Apparel Manufacturer
Retail Data Analytics for Consumer Goods | Retail Velocity
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