Data Sources

Multiple Data Sources.
One Powerful Solution.

VELOCITY®’s power is its ability to ingest and mash up unlimited retail data streams with unlimited third-party and internal data—and turn it into powerful knowledge for optimal decision-making.

Richer daily data, including physical store and e-commerce; enhanced retail POS and inventory analytics; and increased collaboration help identify valuable insights and develop smarter solutions to increase sell-through, eliminate operational inefficiencies, and drive business growth.

Data funnel showing two retail data analysts analyzing integrated retail data sources including point-of-sale data and inventory data.

The Data Doesn't Lie.
It Gives You the Truth—One Version of It.

Data Sources | VELOCITY® Platform | Retail Velocity

VELOCITY automatically and rapidly cleanses, harmonizes, and normalizes complex disparate data sets into a single, manageable source of unrivaled data for unparalleled analytics and critical decision-making.

Retailer Data

Retailer & Distributor Data

Point-of-Sale, Inventory, Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Forecasts, Replenishment, Store Clusters; includes physical store and e-commerce data

Internal Data

Internal / Enterprise Data

Master Data, Plans, Forecasts, Shipments, Supply Chain, Promotions, Media, Financials, Store Merchandising, Costs, Margins, Territories

Third Party

Third-Party Data

Syndicated, Weather, Demographics, Census, Social Media, Promotions, Loyalty, and more

600+ International Retailer and Distributor
Data Adaptors

Manually gathering and manipulating data isn’t fun. But increasing sales and revenue is.

Pre-built data adaptors automatically collect the daily demand and supply data you want and need at the most granular level.

Turn Your Data Into
Dynamic Decisions

Find out how our VELOCITY retail data analytics platform can put the power in your hands to make decisions that will transform your business.