Data & Business Analysts

Consumer brands understand the power of data. And to uncover the most powerful insights, analysts require clean, consolidated daily data.

Leverage harmonized POS and inventory data for all SKUs by store. Identify sales trends and opportunities, inventory risks, and market condition shifts. Better advise sales, marketing, and supply chain operations.

Weekly and Monthly Chain-Level Data is OK For Decision-Making. It's Just Not Great.

Partial data paints only part of the picture.

Performing retail sales analyses and basing your business decisions on enriched point-of-sale and inventory data you can trust every day—versus weeks-old or monthly syndicated data that’s 40%-60% accurate—let’s you see clearly and act accordingly.

Eliminate data silos. Spend less time collecting, cleaning, and harmonizing disparate data. Use one version of the truth to quickly and easily uncover insights that will answer pressing questions, solve complex problems, drive sales and revenue growth, and improve operational inefficiencies.

Graphic depicting retail data and business analysts analyzing retail point-of-sale and inventory data and reporting.

Less Time Collecting Data,
More Time Connecting The Dots

Our industry-leading retail sales and inventory reporting and analytics software, VELOCITY®, relieves data and business analysts of the burden of collecting and integrating demand and supply data so they can focus on pinpointing valuable insights and making business decisions that ultimately drive success.

Automatically and seamlessly collect, cleanse, harmonize, and normalize daily retail POS and inventory data at the item and store level with ERP and third-party data. Realize unparalleled data analytics capabilities that lead to superior insights for ROI-focused decisions.

  • 600+ retail data adaptors extract and update point-of-sale and inventory data daily.
  • Import and manage unlimited SKUs.
  • Integrate unlimited third-party data streams, including syndicated, demographics, weather, social media, and more, with retail POS and inventory data.
  • Make confident, profitable decisions with reliable near real-time data, reporting, and analytics—in minutes—not hours or days.
Improving Retail POS Analytics & Insights | Retail Velocity

Cleaner Data.
Fresher Business Insights.

  • Satisfy the Collective Data and Reporting Needs of Your Entire Company
  • Gain a Factory-to-shelf View of Product Performance in Near Real Time
  • Track Unlimited SKUs at the Store and Chain Level
  • Aggregate Daily Product, Store, or Chain Reporting to Weekly or Monthly
  • Enable Collaborative Decision-making for All Business Units and With Retailer Partners
  • Improve Overall Market and Business Intelligence
  • Leverage Data as a Foundational Entry Point Into Machine Learning and a Path to Greater AI.

Your Insights Are Only As Good As Your Inputs

Good data in, good insights out. It’s easier than you think.


“It’s all about greater visibility. The VELOCITY® platform lets us share information internally and with retailers more quickly, which lets people make better decisions and react more quickly to sales opportunities or critical issues. For example, we’re able to easily identify a retailer’s top 200 stores and if there’s a sale next month, I can tell them that we should send these stores extra product because they ran out the last time. I can even identify a list of stores that don’t have any of our products on their shelves, and that’s really free money we don’t want to lose.”
-Senior National Account Manager, Global Home Essentials Company
“With VELOCITY®, we’ve created a much more efficient process that drastically reduces the time we spend getting and analyzing retail data. Because the process used to consume so much personnel time, sales and marketing teams sometimes went without having all the data they’d have liked to have. That doesn’t happen anymore.”
-Sr. Manager, Consumer Shopper Insights, Global Apparel Manufacturer
“Having a ‘single version of the truth’ and making that truth easily accessible is a huge benefit for us. It eliminates conversations over what’s the right data and puts us immediately in a position to make use of the data. With VELOCITY® and Microsoft’s Power BI platform, we can use advanced analytics for more in-depth and insightful analyses.”
— Sr. Manager, Consumer Shopper Insights, Global Apparel Manufacturer