On-Shelf Availability

Having the right products where and when shoppers want, requires  the right data when and how you need it to make the right decisions.

Accurately identify, predict, and resolve out-of-stocks (OOS) and phantom inventory issues in near-real time. Keep your physical store and digital shelves consistently stocked, shoppers satisfied, and sales and profits moving in the right direction.

Empty Shelves Can Lead To Emptier Pockets

If shoppers can’t find what they’re looking for, you’ve lost the sale. And odds are they’ll buy a competitor’s product, maybe at a different store.

All of this negatively impacts you, your retailers, and your consumers—possibly long term.

Whatever the reason for an empty shelf—product is out-of-stock, on the wrong shelf, in transit, was overpromoted, etc.—poor shopper experiences, loss of brand loyalty, and loss of future sales and revenue can be prevented by using actionable insights based on precise daily data and analytics that allow you to act quickly and decisively.

A woman clothes shopping at a retail store with a sold out sign, representing a lack of retail on-shelf availability and out-of-stock product that could be prevented with better retail sales analytics.

Lack of Product Availability Can Hurt Your Brand and Your Bottom Line.

We Take That Pain Away.

VELOCITY® enables users across your entire supply chain to more effectively monitor and manage supply and inventory—store by store and product by product—to ensure optimal on-shelf availability (OSA) rates and increased sales and margins across your entire retailer network.

Using the most granular point-of-sale and inventory data, our retail analytics software provides timely reporting and in-depth data analytics to help you develop collaborative strategies to predict, plan for, correct, and prevent OSA and inventory issues for all stores, brands, and categories.

  • Leverage automatically ingested, cleansed, and harmonized daily item- and store-level retail POS and inventory data, internal data, and third-party data for key insights into OSA operations.
  • Holistically view your OSA situation and focus on SKUs and retailers that require immediate attention.
  • Effectively collaborate with retail partners to make appropriate adjustments and recommendations to ensure OSA and continued growth.
  • Make confident, data-driven decisions with reliable near real-time data and analytics—in minutes—not hours or days.
Optimize On-Shelf Availability | Retail Velocity

Root Out Risks.
Reclaim Revenue.

  • Identify OSA Trends and Root Causes of OSA Issues
  • Calculate the Cost of OOS, Inventory Risks, and Missed Promotional Opportunities
  • Reduce OOS, Phantom Inventory, and Distribution Voids
  • Predict Where and When OOS Occurs for Proactive Store Replenishment
  • Reclaim Lost Sales and Revenue
Optimize On-Shelf Availability | Retail Velocity

The Right Insights. The Right Shelf.
The Right Results.

Consumer goods manufacturers and their retailer partners spend significant amounts of money on marketing and promotional activities to not only attract and acquire customers but also keep them loyal to their brands and stores.

With more timely and accurate data that drives more-informed business decisions and insights, you can ensure the products your consumers want are on the right shelf at the right time, and at the right price, which helps you:

1 (3)

Ensure shopper satisfaction on the floor and online

2 (3)

Keep your loyal consumers loyal

3 (3)

Get— and stay—ahead of the competition

4 (3)

Protect and grow your market share and margins

5 (3)

Maximize ROI

Stock Up On Daily Data
And Advanced Analytics

Learn how Retail Velocity can help keep your shelves stocked to keep your sales moving—profitably.