What is a Demand Signal Repository?

A Foundational Platform For Unsurpassed Data Integrity and Optimal Performance

Many consumer goods manufacturers don’t have direct and timely access to retail POS data and other critical demand and supply data that’s required to gain a factory-to-shelf view of retail performance in near real time for any retailer.

And if companies could directly access that data, their ERP systems usually aren’t designed to handle highly disparate data daily at the item and store level—leading to an inability to perform accurate demand- and supply-related advanced analytics.

With a solidly designed and well-executed Demand Signal Repository (DSR), suppliers have the foundation for a comprehensive and effective information architecture strategy at an enterprise level. A DSR is a centralized, scalable data warehouse that aggregates, cleanses, harmonizes, normalizes, and stores large volumes of demand data (including POS) that can be easily shared and leveraged by multiple business groups and decision support applications to achieve optimal retail performance.

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From Disparate Data to
One Version of the Truth

Converting increasingly large, structured, unstructured, and disparate demand data sets into actionable retailer and consumer insights with minimal latency requires a foundational layer that can efficiently synchronize demand data from ANY source with syndicated and internal data.
A DSR, such as VELOCITY®, interprets those multiple data sets and transforms retailer data into manufacturer terms, allowing all business users to “speak the same language” and improve decision-making and execution across the company. A properly structured DSR will also grow with your business needs and as additional demand data sources become available; thus, always providing one version of the truth for better analytics and meaningful insights.

Decisions, Decisions.
They Get Better, Faster, and Easier For Everyone.

A primary goal of DSRs is to provide faster access to not only more information but also more specific and more accurate information to enable business users to better identify which products are selling, where, when, how often, and most importantly, why. Manufacturers can leverage that business intelligence to improve predictive analytics related to demand and supply processes.

By storing unified data in a format that allows for easy querying and retrieval of information from multiple data sets—even when a user doesn’t have in-depth technical knowledge—DSRs increase speed to greater insights and collaborative decision-making. This allows manufacturers to better respond to consumer demand changes and market trends, serve retailers and consumers more effectively, improve performance at all stages of the supply chain, and become more profitable.

DSRs provide the ability to share “one version of the truth” with complementary applications and decision support technologies that strengthen:

  • Account Teams
  • Artificial Intelligence Platforms
  • B2B and B2C Insight Analysis
  • Category Management
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Demand Planning
  • Demand Sensing
  • Direct Store Delivery
  • Inventory Deployment
  • Machine Learning
  • Retail Replenishment
  • Shared Services
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • Transportation Planning
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
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You Can See Clearly Now. The Pain is Gone.

With a clearer global view of factory-to-shelf consumption and inventory for all retailers, numerous departments and teams—including sales/account teams, marketing, supply chain, inventory management, trade promotion, and category management—realize an array of benefits that help identify business areas that require immediate attention and that drive growth and profitability.


Strengthen Retailer Relationships


Improve Account-level Forecasting Accuracy


Reduce Out-of-stocks


Ensure On-shelf Availability


Optimize New Product Launches


Streamline Internal Efficiencies and Business Processes

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Reduce Latency in the Supply Chain


Maximize ROI

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