Retail Replenishment

Blindly ‘stocking up’ on product that was ‘used up’ is not a strategy or a solution. Store replenishment based on accurate data and insights is, though.

Leverage daily retail POS and inventory data at the most granular level. Gain end-to-end visibility into retailer replenishment cycles.
Ensure ongoing product availability and reduce cost overruns.

No Product. No Sale.
No Good.

Retail replenishment is a critical component of sales. If there's no product for consumers to buy, then there's no sale for you.

Errors in demand sensing and sales forecasting due to incomplete and inaccurate retailer POS and outdated syndicated data can result in out-of-stocks (OOS), overstocks, and lost sales.

Handling the complexities of retail supply and demand require sophisticated retail replenishment processes and solutions that are most effective when leveraging precise and reliable daily item-level data and retail inventory analytics by store.

Man and woman moving inventory and conducting inventory analysis to show retail replenishment processes.

We Provide Reliable Data For Rapid Replenishment.

You Leverage Real Insights For Revenue Growth

Retail Velocity provides supply chain, sales, marketing, and finance teams complete visibility into replenishment cycles, from shipping to point of sale—for all SKUs, stores, and DCs—to support proactive, revenue-driving, and cost-saving decisions.

VELOCITY®, our best-in-class retail sales and inventory analytics software solution, employs powerful data-mining capabilities. Access daily store- and item-level POS data that’s cleansed, harmonized, and seamlessly integrated with your ERP data and third-party data to generate and leverage actionable insights and empower better decision-making.

  • Integrate enterprise data: inventory, order, shipment, forecast, trade spending, costs, and more.
  • Import and manage unlimited SKUs.
  • Enhance the efficiency of your Demand Driven Supply Network.
  • Integrate unlimited third-party data streams: syndicated, demographics, weather, social media, and more.
  • Make confident, profitable decisions with the most recent accurate and reliable data, reporting, and analytics—in minutes—not hours, days, or weeks.
  • Support demand or supply chain machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.
Optimize Replenishment with Daily Data | Retail Velocity

Take Stock in the Details

  • Maintain Optimal Inventory Levels
  • Identify, Predict, and Reduce OOS, Overstocks, Out-of-dates, and Markdowns
  • Identify Root Causes of OOS and Store-level Anomalies
  • Enable Real-time Forecasting
  • Generate More Precise Demand Forecasts, including Seasonal
  • Improve Demand Sensing Accuracy and Identify Short-term Trends

Increase Turns With Greater Insights

Learn how Retail Velocity can help turn your data into knowledge that turns a profit and accelerates your business growth.