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Nothing accelerates business growth quite like VELOCITY®

The VELOCITY cloud-based platform collects, harmonizes, and enriches disparate data from retail partners, internal systems, and third-party vendors, providing CPGs with one version of the truth—unified, reliable data.

With precise and readily available daily POS and inventory data at the most granular level, CPG brands can activate in-depth analytics, gain actionable insights, and significantly improve enterprise-wide decision-making to accelerate value and business growth—at the speed of now.

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VELOCITY® automatically collects internal or external data daily so you can spend your time more wisely.

  • Continuously extract, ingest, and update daily item- and store-level supply and demand data.
  • Collect data from any source: retailers, retailer portals, distributors, e-commerce partners, ERP systems, syndicated retail data providers, and more.
  • Ingest large volumes of raw data through any data-sharing method and in any format, including retailer portals, EDI, APIs, Excel, email, and more.
  • Leverage more than 600 available international retailer and distributor data connectors and adaptors.


Cleanse, integrate, and harmonize disparate retail data to eliminate data silos
and optimize the value and utility of all your data.


  • Identify, correct, remove, and reconcile inaccurate, incorrectly formatted, duplicate, corrupted, or incomplete data, including product descriptions, item numbers, units of measure, product attributes, and more.
  • Transform and validate data for data warehousing or business analysis without IT involvement.
  • Obtain a comprehensive, up-to-date view of your demand and supply chain across all retailers, at all levels, with accurate and consistent daily data.
  • Unify and align business units and increase collaborative decision-making with easily accessible near real-time data and shareable insights.  


See the big picture or dig into the details—the choice is yours. The benefits are everyone’s.


  • Non-technical users can unlock answers to pressing questions in minutes—not hours or days—with intuitive dashboards, scorecards, and visual data representations.
  • Easily access automated standard reports, perform ad-hoc data analyses, or utilize Microsoft Power BI as part of VELOCITY if you don’t have your own analytical tools.
  • Analyze the data you need, in the way you want and at the level you want: by item, store, chain, channel, territory, region, market, and more.
  • View data based on either your corporate or your retailers’ fiscal calendars, hierarchies, or attributes. 
  • Provide complete visibility into the latest supply and demand activity to any department or business function to glean timely, actionable insights and improve internal and retailer collaboration.
  • Identify key sales opportunities and inventory risks, evaluate product performance and promotion impact, and discover consumer and product trends.
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VELOCITY® empowers CPGs and retailers with 
unified data—wherever and however they need it.

  • Confidently store your one version of “true” data in VELOCITY’s secure and highly scalable Demand Signal Repository (DSR), or export the harmonized data to your own DSR, enterprise data warehouse, data lake, or integrated data platform.
  • Feed your clean, ready-to-use daily data into local or cloud-based systems, applications, and business intelligence tools for additional data integration, data mining, and meaningful insights. 
  • Leverage VELOCITY and near real-time data as a foundational entry point into machine learning and a path to greater AI to drive more-informed decisions across your enterprise.


Proven solutions to meet your company’s specific data and business needs

Since 1994, VELOCITY has been the best-in-class retail POS and inventory data collection, reporting, and analytics software solution for some of the world’s leading CPG companies.

With the power to ingest and integrate any type of retail data in any format, ingest the most granular demand and supply data, and manage hundreds of thousands of SKUs and attributes, VELOCITY enables CPGs of all sizes and in any category to make game-changing, profitable decisions with unrivaled data, unparalleled analytics, and unequaled insights.

The only question is—which VELOCITY edition is right for your business?

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For consumer brands that aren’t quite ready for the robust features and functionality that VELOCITY® Pro or VELOCITY® Enterprise provides, VELOCITY® Essential is the ideal solution and is available through our Value-added Reseller network. 

VELOCITY® Essential provides an effective and affordable alternative with most of the same advantages, efficiencies, and benefits of VELOCITY® Pro.


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  • Leverage a preconfigured solution 
    designed for the Home and Personal 
    Care, Apparel and Fashion, and/or Food 
    and Beverage markets in the United 
    States and Canada (as an add-on).
  • Basic VELOCITY Web Apps
  • Appropriate for CPGs that go to market with a relatively low number
    (less than 100) of individual SKUs
  • Best option for companies that require 
    basic store-level or chain-level daily 
     POS and inventory activity data
  • Suitable for CPGs that have a local or 
    regional presence and want to expand
  • Minimizes IT staffing and hardware 
    requirements while maximizing ROI


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As the CPG industry’s most robust and proven Demand Signal Repository, VELOCITY® Pro is designed to meet your current data and analytics requirements—and scale appropriately as your business grows and business needs change. 

By providing one version of the truth, VELOCITY® Pro serves as the most reliable data foundation for companies that have a single business unit or region with enterprise-level data and analytics needs and want to optimize machine learning while moving to AI.   


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  • 600+ Available International Retail Data Adaptors
  • Industry-leading Retailer Portal Downloaders
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Standard Set of Store and Customer Item Attributes
  • Syndicated Data Imports
  • Third-party Data Imports
  • Master Data Governance that Exceeds Industry Standards
  • Optimized Semantics Layer to Simplify Data Access and Increase Data Usability
  • Unsurpassed Cloud Security with Microsoft Azure
  • Automated exports or extraction of cleansed, harmonized daily data into corporate EDW or reporting tool


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VELOCITY® Enterprise is most appropriate for larger CPGs that conduct business globally or that have multiple business divisions/units that require the most comprehensive and precise enterprise-level data and analytics. 

VELOCITY® Enterprise allows companies to compare multiple data sets and perform “deep dives” to identify critical issues and key growth opportunities.


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  • 600+ Available International Retail Data Adaptors 
  • Industry-leading Retailer Portal Downloaders
  • Unlimited SKUs
  • Unlimited Customizable Attributes per Retailer 
  • Fully Customizable Measures
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • Customizable Syndicated and Third-Party Data Imports
  • Master Data Governance that Exceeds Industry Standards
  • Optimized Semantics Layer to Simplify Data Access and Increase Data Usability
  • Unsurpassed Cloud Security with Microsoft Azure
  • Automated exports or extraction of cleansed, harmonized data into data lakes, corporate EDW or application(s) of choice



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Web Applications

Basic VELOCITY Web Apps

Full Suite of VELOCITY Web Apps

Full Suite of VELOCITY Web Apps

Retailer Adaptors

1 Adaptor Package of 10 Adaptors

(Choose from 3 available packages: Food & Beverage Top 10 Retailers, Home & Personal Care Top 10 Retailers, or Fashion & Apparel Top 10 Retailers.  Canada Top 8 Retailers available as an add-on option.)

600+ Available International Adaptors

600+ Available International Adaptors

Retailer Attributes
(per Retailer)

5 Store Attributes + 5 Customer Item Attributes

Up to 15 Store Attributes + Up to 15 Customer Item Attributes

Unlimited Customizable Attributes

Retailer Measures

5 Supported Measures: Units Sold, Dollars Sold, On-hand Store Inventory,  On-hand DC Inventory, and On-order Inventory

45 Supported Measures

Fully Customizable Measures

Supported Retailer Data Feed Languages

English Only

English + Select Latin Character Sets

English + All Latin Character Sets. Non-Latin Character Sets Available

Automated Retailer Portal Downloaders

Fully Automated, English Only

Fully Automated, English with Non-English Available Upon Request

VELOCITY Reports and Data Exports

7 Pre-defined Reports (in the form of data dumps for ingestion into a reporting tool by Value-Added Reseller)

7 Pre-defined Reports (in the form of data dumps or direct SQL connections for ingestion into a reporting tool or EDW)

Customizable Reports with Option to Export Data to Data Lakes and EDWs

Syndicated Data Imports

Customizable Imports

Third-party Data Imports
(e.g., Trade, Media, Planograms, Social, Demographics, and Weather Data)

Not Available Within VELOCITY ESSENTIAL. Availability Dependent Upon Value-Added Reseller.


Customizable Imports

Analytics Dashboards

Standard Set of Dashboards

Customizable Dashboards


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VELOCITY provides CPGs and retailers with the speed and efficiency to unlock the value of clean, precise, unified demand and supply data to make strategic decisions that grow sales, revenue, and profitability at the speed of now.

If you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal, we’re ready to start you on your way.