With VELOCITY®, we help you become your buyer’s go-to source for sales insights and solutions by delivering real-time POS and inventory data that empowers you to:

  • Understand sales trends in all markets and channels
  • Drive sell-through and profitability at chain and store levels
  • Identify the impact of new product introduction on sales

Account Managers perform the key role of "Voice of the Retailer" and bring key customer thinking into a consumer goods manufacturer's strategic planning. They also are the key to maintaining and building a strong relationship with their retailer partners. They need to understand every facet of their business, from their factory all the way to the retailer's shelf.

To be successful, they must be furnished with best-in-class selling tools based on real-time selling and inventory trends. This is not a luxury, but a requirement. They need to be the "Go-To" source of answers for their buyers by consistently providing actionable information and insights aimed at driving sell-through and profitability not only at chain, but down to the store-level.

VELOCITY provides best practices guidance for Account Managers’ common issues and opportunities along with the flexibility for ad-hoc queries and reporting to suit the specific needs and demands of the their company and retailer. Here are just a few samples of the retail insights that VELOCITY can provide to Account Managers:

  • Historical Trends
  • Sales Summaries and Scorecards
  • Lost Sales
  • Stores Not Selling
  • Top Selling Stores or Items
  • New Product and Promotional Tracking
  • Phantom Inventory Detection
  • Price Elasticity
  • Planogram Performance Measurement
  • Store Specific Order (SSO) Recommendations
  • Regional Analysis
  • Low Weeks of Supply (WOS) or Days of Supply (DOS)
  • Planogrammed but Not Actively Replenishing
  • Actual to Budget Sales Comparison
  • Comp Store Comparisons
  • Incremental Sales Opportunities
  • Market Share Growth Opportunities
  • Event Lift
  • Markdown and Returns Exposure

To learn more on how you can become the Go-To source for your buyer, please contact us.

Retail Velocity Sales

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