With Velocity, we help you make the most of in-store visits by providing you beforehand with the store-specific information and fact-based merchandising reports that you need to:

  • Manage inventories to eliminate out-of-stocks and lost sales
  • Identify additional root causes of lost sales
  • Apply merchandising based on demand
  • Increase in-store effectiveness of merchandisers

Effectively managing merchandising teams can be difficult since they are on the road every day covering stores in different regions with different issues. What information are they armed with in order to help drive your sales and manage your retail inventories effectively? Are they making merchandising decisions based on that specific store's sales and inventory information or generic tasks that may or may not be relevant to the store?

With VELOCITY®, merchandising teams become informed fact-based sales teams, because they have the store-specific information they need to reduce out-of-stocks and identify any additional root causes of lost sales. VELOCITY enables the setup of automated and targeted reporting that gives field teams the information they need to make more effective store calls. Ad-hoc reports can be configured using templates and the report writer's drag and drop tool bar. There are also reports relevant to Merchandising and Field Sales in our best practices report library.

Samples of targeted merchandising reporting include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Phantom Inventory Alerts
  • Zero Sales Exception Alerts
  • Low Sales Alerts
  • Top Selling Items / Item Rank
  • Top Selling Stores / Store Rank
  • Store Performance TY vs. LY
  • New Item Tracking
  • Ad Inventory Review
  • Days of Supply Exception Alerts
  • Overstock Warnings
  • Lost Sales Opportunities Reports

Retail Velocity Merchandising

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