The Home Depot purchased Askuity from Dunnhumby in December, 2018.

Askuity's "Retail Intelligence Platform" will allow The Home Depot to share POS and inventory data with their vendors, thereby improving vendor decision-making, collaboration with THD, and execution of promotions and campaigns.

The Home Depot acquires Askuity from dunnhumby

As a result of the Home Depot Askuity deal, Askuity will no longer be supporting retailer POS warehousing and analysis for retailers other than The Home Depot. If you are an Askuity customer and sell to retailers other than The Home Depot, you will need to find another provider of POS warehousing and retail analytics, i.e., POS analysis.
For several years, VELOCITY® Demand Signal Repository (DSR) and analysis suite have provided our clients with the ability to collaborate with The Home Depot buyers, improve execution and decision-making. VELOCITY cleanses, harmonizes and stores data from THD and over 400 other retailers. Our clients can use the VELOCITY suite of POS analysis reports or ad hoc reporting feature to gain valuable decision-making insights. With VELOCITY, our clients use THD POS data to identify out-of-stocks and phantom inventory, same store sales analytics, sell-thru reporting, CPFR, and much more, such as:
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