Understanding Demand Signal Repositories in the Retail Consumer Goods Industry

(After all these years, why is a Demand Signal Repository, or DSR, so hard to build when an effective DSR can produce A Path to Rapid Deployment and Lower Costs?)

DSR basics with John Beckett

In 1994, the first demand signal repository, was developed by John Beckett, the founder of Retail Velocity.  What is a DSR?  A DSR is a data warehouse, or data lake, that gives a consumer goods company the ability to capture and view retail demand information in a granular fashion across specific retailers and channels.

Building a DSR can be expensive -- both in IT services and purchasing your data from retailers to populate the DSR, but it doesn't have to be that way!

In this video, John Beckett is interviewed by Dan Gilmore of Supply Chain Digest TV channel. John explains to Dan the basics of a demand signal repository (DSR), how it can produce tremendous benefits by enabling a demand-driven supply chain, and the barriers to achieving these critical capabilities.

After that review, Dan and John explore how the right technology can enable consumer goods companies to deploy a robust DSR across almost all their retail partners and channels at a fraction of the traditional time and cost.

 In this Videocast, you will learn:

  1. What is a Demand Signal Repository (DSR)
  2. How a well-designed retail data DSR can be a game-changer in supply chain planning and execution for consumer goods companies
  3. Why consumer goods companies have struggled to implement and utilize an effective DSR - and a path to bypassing those obstacles


This Videocast will feature Dan Gilbert of Supply Chain TV and John Beckett, Founder and President at Retail Velocity and the inventor of the Demand Signal Repository.

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