Unite Your Business Units. Finally.

Shatter internal silos with a single source of shared insights.

Today, many CPG manufacturers continue to struggle with the inability to transform POS and other downstream data into actual insights and then turn those insights into measurable business advantages. The driving force behind these frustrations is a lack of easy-to-use and readily accessible analytics that put all of your company’s business units on the same page.

At Retail Velocity, we produce that page.

Backed by Microsoft’s Power BI platform, our best-in-class Velocity solution harmonizes the most retailer POS and third-party data streams in the industry with analytics to produce a “single source of the truth” that can be leveraged to generate visualizations of current in-store performance.

Armed with insights that everyone from supply chain and operations to sales and marketing to finance and IT can both trust and access easily, your business units will shatter internal silos and be empowered to quickly collaborate on how to best forecast, plan, promote, execute and respond to changing market conditions in real time.

The end result is an improved communication among your teams and maximum impact for your products, ultimately leading to greater efficiency and sales.

To learn more about how Retail Velocity can accelerate your business growth, schedule a free demo today.

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