About Us

Following Our Curiosity Since 1994
So You Can Follow Yours Daily

At Retail Velocity, the manufacturing industry isn’t just part of our name. It’s actually in our DNA – along with a deep passion for following curiosity.

In 1994, when two veteran entrepreneurs met over Thanksgiving weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to discuss the creation of a retailer POS data platform to help CPG suppliers identify valuable business insights and develop real-world business solutions, they knew exactly what challenges the supply industry was facing – because they were suppliers themselves.

The curiosity of these two entrepreneurs – one with a long and successful track record as a retail supply visionary and the other 25 years as an innovative software developer – led them to found Retail Velocity (originally named Vendor Managed Technologies, Inc.), which quickly established itself as a pioneer in the nascent field of Demand Signal Repository (DSR) and business intelligence solutions for CPG suppliers.

Today, Retail Velocity boasts the industry’s longest track record of success for data analytics and we proudly empower our clients to now follow their own curiosity as they identify the unique insights and solutions to eliminate their company’s inefficiencies, improve sell-through and drive business growth at retail. From Retail Velocity’s founders on down, every member of our experienced team has roots in supply and everything we build is done with CPG suppliers in mind, making us uniquely qualified among our competitors to understand exactly what you need to grow your business.

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