On-Shelf Availability

For your products to sell at a retailer, they first have to be on the shelf. Yes, It’s that simple. But it’s not always that easy. Due to poor data and tracking, retailer out-of-stocks continue run at 8% to 10% industry-wide. However, with analytics provided by Velocity, you can monitor the status of your inventory and supply in real time to:

  • Easily identify potential issues such as phantom inventory and distribution voids and quickly resolve them
  • Reduce costs from overstocking
  • Improve your overall margins

Promotion Execution

Successful promotions rely on stellar execution – and that’s just what Velocity delivers. Our best-in-class data analytics enables you to manage your promotions effectively across retailers to ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness by:

  • Monitoring the performance of stores and regions
  • Managing inventory to reduce out-of-stocks
  • Tracking performance goals


Errors in sales forecasting and the volatility of consumer demand can cause problems with your product supply, which can result in cost overruns. With the ability of Velocity to harmonize POS, inventory and shipment demand signals in real time, you’ll be able to replenish product quickly to:

  • Maintain optimal levels of inventory
  • Ensure a strong customer experience for shoppers
  • Reduce costs from overstocking or out-of-stocks

New Product Launch

To launch a new CPG product with success, it’s vital to ensure its availability to your customers on retailers’ shelves. And that’s where Velocity comes in, as our best-in-class data solution ensures a smooth path to market by harmonizing multiple data streams to:

  • Track product shipping and inventory
  • Monitor sales success by store and region
  • Resolve potential distribution issues

Partner Collaboration

The CPG industry can be volatile and complex, with everything from the economy and the latest shopper trends to the weather and an upcoming holiday weekend impacting demand and sales. Velocity provides the technology to enable collaboration between retailer and supplier partners by harmonizing POS data and unlimited third-party streams in order to:

  • Provide real-time insights
  • Improve planning and execution
  • Focus on high ROI activities to maximize sales

Media Spend Analytics

Digital media is fueling growth for the advertising budgets of many companies, but many CPG manufacturers lack the analytics to gauge the success of their marketing activities. Enter Velocity, which delivers in-depth and easy-to-use media spend analytics that enable you to:

  • Derive the impact of media on sales
  • Adjust spending for maximum ROI
  • Use historical data to improve forecasting

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