White Papers

Re-Engineering Trade Promotions

Re-Engineering Trade Promotions from a Cost of Doing Business to an Investment in Profitable Growth

Utilizing a more complete set of timely, Integrated Causal Data can vastly improve the execution of better trade promotions from the creation of a “smarter” offer, to monitoring how it is performing along the way, and finally, to ensuring that there is ample product on the shelf to meet demand.

Retail Data Goldmines

A CPG Manufacturers Guide to Retail Data Goldmines

Uncover new data streams that could enhance your Demand Signal Repository (DSR) coverage.

Demand Signal Repository Insights

Demand Signal Repository Insights White Paper from Retail VELOCITY and Microsoft

The Top 10 Keys to Demand Signal Repository (DSR) Excellence

Category Management

Category Management Excellence with Mattel/Fisher-Price (may require registration)

Learn how Mattel/Fisher-Price has become an industry leader in category management through this recorded webcast.

Proactive Analytics Solutions


Applica (Spectrum Brands) Leverages Proactive Analytics Solution for 5% Growth in Sales.

In-Stock Optimization

Procter & Gamble

P&G Boosts Productivity of In-Stock Optimization Efforts.

Demand-Driven Supply Network

Microsoft's Demand-Driven Value Network White Paper (may require registration)

Microsoft presents the Demand Signal Repository (DSR) as a solution to developing demand-driven supply networks.

Demand Signal Repository Harmonization

Harmonization -- The Tower of Babel

The solution to consolidating silos and harmonizing demand data for an enterprise-wide user base is a Demand Signal Repository.

Retail Link and DSR

Wal-Mart AS2 Query Delivery Tutorial

Tutorial for Setting Up Push Queries in Retail Link for integration into the Velocity Demand Signal Repository and Retail Execution Solution.

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