Bergners POS Data and EDI 852

Bergner's is a major department store in central and Northern Illinois established in 1889 in Peoria, IL.  Bergner's offers mid-line to higher end merchandise to consumers in their largest stores.  The current flagship store is located in Peoria at The Shoppes at Grande Prairie.   Between 1961 and 1973 the Bergner's location at Sheridan Village outside of Peoria, IL sold the most merchandise per square foot of any department store in the United States.  In March 2006 the store chain was sold to The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. 

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Vendors may receive daily or weekly, store-level updates and restatements of SKU level POS sales and inventory activity. Once the data streams are initiated or vendor portals are activated, VELOCITY® can automatically acquire, cleanse, harmonize and transform the data into actionable analytics to produce measurable results.

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