Let the Cloud Games Begin

Without question, Amazon still convincingly dominates the market for cloud computing.   Gartner expects the cloud hosting market to reach $89B by 2021, up from $35B today.  Amazon is leading today with “Others” a close second, but growing quickly are Microsoft, Google and Alibaba

 Cloud revenue 2016


But the gloves have been thrown down by Microsoft and Google.   Satya Nadella and his team have deployed an entirely new sales organization at Microsoft.   Instead of being a traditional platform sales company, Microsoft has positioned itself as an AI and ML innovation lab and strategy consultant contender.   It will take time for them to work out the kinks because this is a big shift from their historical ‘product’ sales mentality to more of a ‘relationship’ sales approach.   But judging by my conversations with many in this new organization, the basic building blocks are in place and time will be the judge of Microsoft’s success. 

Here’s How Microsoft and Google are Trying to Catch Amazon in the Cloud

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