Our best-in-class Velocity data solution fuels that curiosity with its ability to mash up unlimited third-party data streams with the POS data from our industry-largest library of 300+ retailer adaptors. That combination produces an unrivaled variety of harmonized data empowering suppliers, such as you, to delve into the details of your business, identify new insights and generate creative business strategies and solutions.

Argyll Foods founder James Gulliver once said “Retail is detail,” and it’s in the details of store-level sales and inventory data, internal ERP and external sets data such as weather, demographics, social media and much more where the secrets to greater business success can be found. Thanks to our companywide experience – everyone from Retail Velocity’s founders on down has roots in supply – we’re uniquely qualified to understand your business challenges and what matters most to you.

Many of our competitors don’t know what it’s like to stock shelves or visit countless stores in develop the perfect planogram. But at Retail Velocity, we do. Everything we’ve built has been designed by suppliers for suppliers, which also means we understand what piques your curiosity and why the ability to follow it is the best way to identify insights and solutions to eliminate inefficiencies, improve sell-through and drive business growth at retail.

We also know that, just like the retail industry, you curiosity is always changing. But Velocity is designed to provide the harmonized data mix and insights so you to follow it no matter what direction it heads on any given day.

Back to our Disney theme, it’s kind of like living in Tomorrowland. You may not know what questions will be coming next, but know that Retail Velocity can help you find the answers – and satisfy your curiosity.


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