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Demand Data Analysis


Aligning demand data insights & outcomes with LOB executive agendas 'ain't an easy thing to do'

Mar 28, 2016

As I travel the globe meeting with consumer products line of business (LOB) executives from sales, marketing, and finance to operations, IT and extended supply chain folks; one thing remains clear; each LOB exec has a unique and different set of business issues which then drive their overall agenda and point of view on how best to leverage downstream data for their area.

The image above does a nice job of mapping and aligning successful outcomes of an enterprise Demand Signal Repository (DSR) together with an enterprise demand analytics strategy -- with many of the critical enterprise data sources -- that consumer products firms continue to struggle with on a daily basis. When these independent data streams are then acquired, cleansed and harmonized together for LOB execs, incredibly rich demand data insights can change the dialogue in the board room and impact change management across the entire organization.  LOB execs can better collaborate with their retail trading partners to shape, predict and respond with near real time demand insights and analytics by leveraging enterprise class DSR.  This can change the game BIG TIME!

SAP together with our ecosystem of SAP DSiM Platform Partners are changing the game in this cottage industry we refer to affectionately as demand data analytics or DSR.  One such partner, that immediately comes to my mind's eye, is Retail Velocity.  I was at a conference recently where we co-presented to some of the giants in the CP industry with Jennifer Beckett, VP of Business Development at Retail Velocity, around how SAP has innovated downstream data acquisition through Retail Velocity's Data Streaming Service offering SAP's Consumer Products customers a tried-and-tested service to quickly access ALL their critical retail partners' in-store data. It is a fantastic fit with SAP's Demand Signal Management solution. "Together we can bring our customers closer to understanding the true consumer pull on the supply chain."  said E.J. Kenney SVP and Global Head of Consumer Products Industry Business Solutions, / SAP SE.

So what?  Why should billion dollar consumer products brands care deeply about SAP's DSiM platform and their alliance with partners like Retail Velocity?  "It is about the data 'my man', the 'data' is where the money is and the 'data' is how we get to the 'insights'..  People still don't get this is about 'Data': DSR is ALL about the data my friends", says Jeff Beckett, co-founder of Retail Velocity.  As the image above reveals, the data volumes in question to intelligently leverage all the promise and all the business value of an enterprise class DSR hinges on a firm's ability to manage data acquisition, data cleansing, and data harmonization at scale against perhaps hundreds of terabytes of downstream data.  This initiative continues to be a messy problem for LOB execs who struggle through their IT and Marketing teams to answer the question of the day...   "...Why are our Out of Stocks so high in this market? ..."  is a common question that is easy to ask by any LOB exec, but often difficult for the organization to address in real time.  And to make matters worse, by the time marketing and IT team up to address executive queries like these, it is often too late for the result sets to be included and consumed by execs -- in any real time decision making meetings.  This is why, the SAP DSiM solution management team, together with Retail Velocity have changed the game in the way they can turn downstream data into actionable insights and analytics for LOB execs by doing it quickly, cost effectively and accurately, with high levels of data stability at scale.  SAP, together with our partner ecosystem, enables CP firms large and small to 'Run Simple' with downstream data at the speed of business.  

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