Forget Big Data. Fast Data Wins.

Get out in front of industry inefficiencies with Velocity.

To outpace the competition, deliver the quick insights that strengthen relationships with retailers, and propel overall business growth, today’s CPG manufacturers need more than just Big Data. They need fast data and actionable insights.

Retail Velocity is poised to help you take the lead.

In spite of all the POS data long available to manufacturers, many are still finding it difficult to get out ahead of issues such as inaccurate forecasting, failed product introductions and phantom inventory that continue to plague the industry. Today, retailer out-of-stocks continue to run at 8% to 10%, and can jump to over 20% during promotions. Such inefficiencies can cost a manufacturer with $1B in annual revenue over $100M in lost sales per year.

To improve efficiency and maximize profitability, suppliers need to work faster – and can with Velocity. Our best-in-class data solution empowers your business units to leverage data in real time to collaborate quickly in order to develop insights and execute strategies that will:

  • Eliminate out-of-stock conditions
  • Optimize inventory levels
  • Improve promotion execution
  • Drive costs down
  • Increase trade promotion ROI
  • Maximize profitability for suppliers and retailers

Says Hanesbrands Vice President of Technology Pete Bobalik about Velocity, “The ability for our marketing and sales teams to more effectively utilize point-of-sale data – quality point-of-sale data – has been absolutely key. The insights they now have has been able to provide us with key decision-making.”

To learn more about how Retail Velocity can accelerate your business growth, schedule a free demo today.

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