The Future of Shopping?
We’re Already a Step Ahead.

As shopper data expands, you need the industry’s most advanced solution.

With the constant influx of new sales measurement tools, mobile shopping apps and social media channels, today’s CPG manufacturers and retailers already are swimming in data. And by 2020, IBM projects that humans will have produced 40 zettabytes – a staggering number that’s equivalent to 43 trillion gigabytes and is 300 times the total amount of data that existed in the world in 2005.

Much of that information explosion will come from shoppers, which is why Retail Velocity is equipped to handle the future of sales data today.

Our Velocity data solution is the industry’s most advanced thanks to an ability to mash up an unlimited number of third-party streams – including syndicated, demographics, ads, weather, social media and whatever might come next – along with the cleansed, harmonized and normalized POS data from our unrivaled library of more than 400 retailer adaptors. Such advantages enable your company to stay a step ahead of the future of shopping, wherever it ultimately leads.

To learn more about how Retail Velocity can accelerate your business growth, schedule a free demo today.

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